PVC Pipe Extruder

PVC Pipe Extruder
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Our SJSZ Series plastic pipe production line is mainly used in the manufacture of the plastic PVC pipes with various tube diameters and wall thickness in the aspects such as the agrichltural and constructional plumbing,cable laying etc,This set is composed of the conical twin-screw extruder,vacuum forming table,dragger,cutter,stirring-up rack etc.The screw extruder and the extractor adopt the imported AC frequency control device. The vacuum pump and the electric vehicle motor employ the superior goods.The prime mover has the traction modes such as two-claw,three-claw,five-claw and so on. 

It may choose the saw blade cutting type or the planet cutting type.It is additionally attached with measuring apparatus and the intensifying devidce.The unit is of the reliable performance and high production efficiency.


1. The screw of the extrusion machine is high precise. It has the advantage of material coming out equally, velocity of flow consistently and excellent plasticizing effect. The canister of the screw employs quality steel with nitrogen treatment, which will guarantee the precision and hardness of the processing. 

2. The very long stainless steel cooling flume will make sure that the product will be more ideal and more fit the sanitation standard.

3. Four robber rollers draught and circumgyrate cutting is stepless speed adjustment. The speed is equally and the precision is highly controlled. 

Equipment of complete PVC pipe production line:

1. SJSZ-65/130 taper double screw Extruder 1set

2. Vacuum forming machine spray cooling tank 2set

3. Haul off unit and Automatic cutting saw 1set

1. SJSZ-65/130 Double Screw Extruder

Screw diameter: f65mm/f130mm

L/D ratio: 22:1

Screw material: 38CrMoAlA

Screw material heat treatment: nitrogenized

Screw surface hardness: HV700-940

Screw body hardness: HV> 940

Screw rotate speed: 40 r.p.m

Max capacity: 200kg/h

Machine center height: 1000mm

2. Vacuum forming machine spray cooling tank

Effective length of vacuum diameter fixed pipe: 6000mm

Material: stainless steel

Vacuum pump motor power: 5.5kw

Vacuum section: 2 sections

Cooling mode: cycled water spraying cooling

Cooling medium: purified water

Sprays: 150 pieces

Water pump power: 5.5kw

Haul off motor power: 1.1kw

Water comsuming: 20m3/h 

Pipe line out diameter: 3inch-9inch

Working fixed length: 4-6m

Hydraulic pressure oil motor power: 2.2kw 1430r.p.m

Pump model: V18-A1-R-A

Pump rating pressure: 6.3Mpa

pump capacity: 0-18L/min

electrical heating power: 8kw

max heating temperature: 350?

electrical system: PLC

working capacity: 10-30 pieces/h

total power: 10.5kw

overall size: 6800x1800x1850

3. Haul off unit and Automatic cutting saw

Haul off motor power: 2.2kw VVVF

Haul off speed: 0.3-3.0m/min

Efective length of track: 2000mm

Clamp mode: pneumatic clamp with adjustment

Cutting diameter scope: 2inch~8inch

Max cutting thickness: 30mm

Saw diameter: 205mm

Move frame distance: 800mm

Cutting rotate speed: 6-72s/r

Cutting motor power:2.2kw

Bits sucking motor power: 2.2kw

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