PPR Pipe Extruder

PPR Pipe Extruder
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1. The line based on latest German technology, is designed for the extrusion of PPR & PPB pipes. The quality of the pipe produced is tested to be in compliance with that of ISO-DIS 15874-22-98 standard.

2. Extruder specially designed high efficient for PPR & PPB pipes, equipped with imported reducer, grooved feed bush,BM screw which allows great output, lower melting temp. and lower energy consumption..

3.Mould & Die co-extrusion spiral die assures adequate crisscrossed material flow, and more even internal pressure distribution and a static mixing system for option.

4. Calibrators stable vacuum calibrating and optimum cooling result thanks to the special design and multi-section water membrane cooling which meets the requirement of thicker wall pipe or larger diameter pipe extrusion with high speed

5.Quality Components reducer of extruder, DC speed regulator, frequency converter,jet printer are all imported from abroad with the world famous brands 

6.Flexible co-extrusion for color tag line and on line thickness measuring and control system for your optio

Equipment of complete PPR pipe production line:

1. SJPR taper one screw Extruder 1set

2. Vacuum forming machine spray cooling tank 3set

3. Haul off unit and Automatic cutting saw 1set

Diameter range of pipe:20-60mm40-110mm
Screw L/D ratio30:130:1
Extrusion rate120kg/h220kg/h
Total power consumption70kw85kw
Water consumption1ton1ton
Machine size6x25x3m6x25x3m

1. Single Screw Extruder

2. Vacuum forming machine spray cooling tank

3. Haul off unit and Automatic cutting saw

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