Cup Thermoforming Machine

Cup Thermoforming Machine
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Product Details

CK660-B thermoforming machine has 16pcs of temperature controller, which could more accurately control heating temperature. So this machine could make some big cups, special shape containers.

Application area

It is used for forming plastic sheet of PP,PS,HIPS,PVC,and PET etc,which can be production cups,bowls,dishes,lids,trays,and boxes etc. For example:ice-cream cups,milk cups,chocklate package boxes,candy boxes and fast-food boxes etc.

Technology Parameter

1, Maximum forming area: 630×350mm 

2, Maximum forming depth: 200mm 

3, Maximum width rage of sheet: 400-630mm 

4, Thickness range of sheet: 0.1-2.2mm 

5, Maxmum sheet roller diameter: 710mm 

6, Adjustable stroke length: 100-400mm

7?Air pressure: 0.5-0.8 Mpa 

8?Water consumption:10 Liters/min 

9?Air consumption 2000 Liters/min 

10?Manufacturing speed: 25-35 stroke/min 

11?Power: 3 phase AC380V±15V 

12?Heating power: 67kw 

13?Main motor power: 7.5kw 

14?Feeding motor power: 2.2kw 

15?Rewinding motor power: 0.55kw 

16?Weight: 4 tons

17?Main machine(L×W×H):3300×1800×2500mm


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