Film Blowing Interlink Printing Machine

Film Blowing Interlink Printing Machine
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SJ-P series Film Blowing interlinking Printing Machine Set is an economical model designed and manufactured on the basis of advanced similar products at home and abroad,which conforms to the suggestions of customers..

The each unit press of machine are equally spaced and run synchronously.The composition rollers rise and drop through the pneumatic actuating elements,and

the winding and unwinding film tension is controlled through the magnetic clutch,the brake and the torque motor.This machine can heat and dry at cons-tent temperature through far infrared radiation and is fitted with the temperature displays and length printing counting etc.

It is a production line which can save space and with cramped construction,especially,an accurate registering printing by which on the soft material such

as FE and other plastic film can be acquired.The digital tension control system makes the printing tension more stable.Make low torque by aluminum pipe,the guide roller keeps tension of basic material constantly from beginning to ending of operation.The machine frame made of cast iron will ensure the precision of registering printing and smooth running even if under the maximum printing speed and tension loading

Main Features:

Low cost

As a two in one machine,it don't need rewinder at blower and unwinder at printer comparing with two separate machines.So it reduce the costs of whole machine and suitable for small and medium factories.

Economical design

This machine needs less working space and operators comparing with two separate machines.

High speed

With film blowing and printing finished in one line, its capacity is higher than two separate machines.

Easy operation and maintenance

Option: clients can select rotoravure printer or flexo printer 1-6 colors

Technology Parameters:

Diameter of screwf45f50f55f55
Ratio of screw length and diameter (L/D)28:128:128:128:1
Rotation speed of screw10-120rpm10-110rpm10-110rpm10-110rpm
Diameter of dief60-80mmf60-100mmf100-120mm120-150mm
Folded width of finished film300-500mm300-600mm400-800mm600-1200mm
Thickness of film0.009-0.05mm0.009-0.05mm0.009-0.15mm0.009-0.15mm
Max. output50-60kg/h60-80kg/h75-95kg/h90-125kg/h
Power of main motor11kw15kw18.5kw22kw
Total Power18kw26kw31kw45kw
Outline diameter5000×2000×4100mm5000×2200×4500mm5500×2500×5200mm5800×2800×6300mm

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