Horizontal Wet Wipe Machine

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VPD250 Vertical Wet wipe machine is widely applied to pack four-side sealing packages,such as wet wipes packing, tissue paper packing, disposal napkin packing and sterile gauze packing etc.It incorporates a cross deviation correction device with two degrees of freedom and intelligent longitudinal photoelectric trademark positioning system. It can automatic finish the whole process including folding, cutting and filling of tissue, bag making, liquid-dripping, printing of produce date, preset counting and finish bags output. The finished bags are four sides sealing..

Packing process:

Non-woven cloth,winding,wetting,vertical folding,cutting,second folding,bag forming,bag sealing and date coding,end products


1. Adopt PLC controll system

2. Frequency inverter to control speed

3. Bag-size is adjustable according to the customer special request. 

4. Packing in 4 side seal sachet, double row sachets

5. With web guide system for film 

6. With photo cell system for accuracy of film sealing and cutting

Technical parameters:

Bag size:Length 40-130 mm Width 40-80 mm
Packing speed:40-160bags/min (accoridng to the size and material of wet wipe)
Folding way:Max. 8 vertical folding, 4 horizontal folding
Tissue size(unfolded):Length 40-220 mm Width 30-200 mm
Wrapping material:CPP/OPP, BOPP/CPP, PE/PP laminated film, PE/aluminum foil, etc.
Power supply:220V 50 Hz 2.25 kw
Liquid adding Range:Single row 0~20ML
Overall Dimensions:2000x900x1700 mm
Machine Weight:1000 kg

More photos of machine:

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