Paper Tube Making Machine

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It is used to produce a series of paper tube,it can make flowers, cloth movements, Split, cotton yarn, fax paper, film preservation, tissue paper and pipe tobacco production. Special high-precision lathe with a fixed three-jaw chuck, top flange bear more than solid, more convenient replacement Spindle


1. Delta PLC control system, a mainframe operating .

2 inverter operation. Plastic electrical control box using vertical electric control quilts, with pluggable - terminal interface, each terminal has features that make late maintenance, repair bring more convenient. 

3. Text Display operation, all of the features automatic memory, automatic preservation, automatic fault display. 

4. Imports single knife cutting garden design, precision cutting position paper tube formation no longer incision more precision without wasting.

5. Transmission Parts Ultra quiet design, the transmission structure in close, high-efficiency, low maintenance. 

6. The use of double-sided adhesive plastic trough independent stainless steel scraper polyurethane imports, production of a paper on the strength of stronger glue on one side of the traditional paper machine.

7. Circuit System with Remote Control function, users can travel in the office or in the field can be a computer monitor in the operation of plant equipment. If the circuit and system failure and other reasons, and in our communications tools and software control, plant technical personnel can be created to implement and maintain operational functions. .

Technology parameters:

Number of roll paper: 3-16 layer

Max. diameter: 200mm

Min. diameter: 20mm

Max. thickness: 10mm

Min. thickness: 1mm

Coiling core matrix fixed way: Fixation

Rewinding noses: tow noses single belt

cutting way: single round knife cutting

Gluing way: Gluing double side

Fixing length way: infrared

Operator: 1

Output: 3-20m

Speed control: transducer

Voltage: 380V, 50hz, 3phase


Machine Size:2600x1600x1500mm 

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