Paper Napkin Machine

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This machine can automatically calendering, knurling, cutting and folding paper napkin.


1.The spacing between two folding wheels is adjustable according to the differfent layer and weight.The adjustment can be finished in a second during the operation course of the machine.

2. The color folding roller and printing unit can print fine pattens by making use of processional net-pattern color printing ink roller and well-distributer ink roller.

3. Calendering device use with steel roller and polythene,embossing bottom roller use with towel,woolen roller or polythene.(chosse one,to be oedered) 

4. Original paper will be sent to the calendering unit by synchronized belt,and sent to the knurling roller after calendering and color printing.Elaslicregulators are set between original paper,polishing and embossing. 

5. Single color or twoi-color printing can be equipped accordingly.(to be ordered)

Technical parameters:

ModelZJ-AZJ-D with 2 color printing
Raw paper sizemax.dia.110x(150-460)mmmax.dia.110x(150-280)mm
Open size of finished productsL:(150-460)xW: (150-460)mm to be orderedL:(150-380)xW:(150-380)mm
Folded sizeL:(75-230)xW:(75-230)mmL:(75-190)xW:(75-120)mm
Machine dimension4400x1200x1700mm3000x620x1480mm

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