Facial Tissue Making Machine

Facial Tissue Making Machine
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HZ-200/4 190/4 180/4 box-type facial tissue making machine is to slit the raw paper with slitting roller,and then fold it into gemel rectagle.

Equiped with the vacuum suction device and automatic counting and dividng device, the machine has the advantages of high speed ,accurate counting.

Technical parameters:

Raw paper max. width840mm840mm840mm
Max. Diameter of raw paper1100mm1100mm1100mm
core diameter3" (76.2mm)3" (76.2mm)3" (76.2mm)
Open size of finished tissue198x100-210mm±2190x100-210mm±2180x100-210mm±2
Folded size of finished tissue105x100-210mm±295x100-210mm±290x100-210mm±2
Knurling waysteel to rubber knurling, steel-to-steel knurling (to be ordered)
Knurling bottom rollerfeather felt, woolen roller,rubber roller (to be ordered)
Edge knurlingspecial pneumatic embossing device (to be ordered)

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