Paper Noodle Box Making Machine

Paper Noodle Box Making Machine
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Paper Noodle Box Making Machine

--round bottom, square top



Model JBZ-S60 Ultrasonic Paper Noodle Bowl Forming Machine is an automatic machine with multi-working station, which has the function of photocell detection, failure alarm, counter and the advantages of humanism design, safer operation and easier maintenance.

It makes both one-side-PE-film-coated and two-side PE-film-coated paper boxes after running a whole procedure of automatic pre-printed-fan-shape-paper feeding, two-step pre-heating, bowl-side-body sealing(ultrasonic wave), silicone-oil lubricating(for top curling), bottom punching, two-step bottom heating, bottom pre-folding, bottom knurling, top curling and bowl discharging.

It is an ideal equipment of making soup paper bowls, noodle bowls, bigger paper cups and other large food cone-shaping containers etc.

Technical Parameters:


  • Paper bowl Size :      20--50oz, height up to 125 mm (mold exchangeable);

  • Raw Material: One-side or two-side      PE (polyethylene) film coated/laminated paper;

  • Suitable paper weight: 140gsm--450 gsm (Recommend 190--300 gsm);

  • Rated Productivity: 35--40 pcs /      minute;

  • Total Power: 9 KW;

  • Power Source: 220V/380V 50Hz or other      required;

  • Total Weight: 1800 Kg;

  • Package Size (L x W x H) : 2830 x 1450 x 1900 mm;

  • Electric Control Box Size : 750 x 570 x 1070 mm

  • Working Air Source: Air      pressure:0.6MPa, Air Out-put: 0.6m3/minute;

  • Making Paper Bowls, An air compressor      is demanded.



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