CY-190 Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

CY-190 Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine
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CY-190 square bottom paper bag making machine

--From paper roll to square bottom bags



    CY-190 Square bottom paper bag making machine can automatically produce the square bottom paper bag with newest paper bag making technology. The machine has many advantages such as high speed, high productive efficiency and wide-range adjustment. Automatic raw material feeding, automatic errors correct system and tension control, all these operational procedures are controlled by PLC. This is ideal equipment for producing varies kinds of paper bags such as food paper bags; cosmetics handle paper bags. etc.


Main features:

  1. Equipped with servo motors with photocell for correction, tracking the printed material accuracy.

  2. The electric control system guarantee the high speed, high precision of motion control of production line. It can detect automatically the integration of optical fiber.

  3. The touch screen display simplifies machine operation.

  4. The glue applicator system helos glue to move automatically as machine running.

  5. Automatic fault detector and self-diagnosis system reduce the chance to damage machine

Main parameters:

Model: CY-190
paper width:78-190mm 
paper length:190-370mm 
bottom wide:45-100mm 
material wide:600mm 
material diameter:1400mm 
main motor:10kw 
paper weight:45-120g 
speed: 200pcs/min 
air compressor:690kpa 
machine weight:5000kg 
machine size :9200x1600x1750mm

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