DXDF-1000 Automatic Form Fill Seal Machine For Powder Packing

DXDF-1000 Automatic Form Fill Seal Machine For Powder Packing
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DXDF-1000 form fill seal machine for powder packing

DXDF-2000 finished_bag

DXDF-1000 machine can automatically pack 200-1000g powder into plastic bags.

With machine, we provide only one set of bag former for one width of bags; the price of extra bag former is USD100.00/SET (every change of bag width needs a set of bag former).

Capacity: 20-40 bags/min

Filling range: 200-1000g

Power: 1.9kw, 220V

Bag length: 100-300mm

Bag width: 80-250mm

Machine dimension: 1100x900x2000mm

Machine weight: 550kgs

VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/ivxjE8Hhkko


1.All the packing processes are fully automatic

Launching the machine, it will automatically finish the processes of bag forming, powder filling, bags sealing, date print and cutting off. The bags after packaging will auto drop from the bag-out mouth.

2. With photo cell to control cutting accuracy

3. With auger screw to fill powder, high accuracy +-0.3g

4. With touch screen to control filling weight and setting bag length
5. With hot printer to print date/number



Guarantee: one year

Time of delivery: 30 days

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