The Production Process Of Film Blowing Machine

The production process of film blowing machine

With the rapid development of industrial technology, film blowing machines are widely used in various packaging production industries, such as food, clothing, etc. The reform and innovation of the manufacturing process of film blowing machines will promote the safe and rapid development of the plastics industry. For a long time, my country Since the introduction and development of plastic production equipment technology, to a certain extent, it has still relied on foreign advanced machinery and equipment. The introduction of foreign technology will increase the production cost of the plastics industry and the plastic machine industry. In order to save costs, independent R&D and innovation are necessary. The development of intelligent and automated plastic machinery not only improves the performance of the film blowing machine, but also reduces costs and shortens working hours, making production operations easier and faster, and will significantly improve the status quo of the plastics industry. . Intelligent mechanical equipment means that the mechanical equipment has an intelligent system that has the functions of perception, analysis, decision-making and control of the outside world. The application of this intelligent mode enables the film blowing machine to have sensing and temperature control perception coefficients, which can effectively automatically Operation, improve efficiency, and make the film blowing machine have a preventive detection function.

The production process of the film blowing machine is to first add the dry polyethylene particles into the lower hopper, and then the particles enter the screw from the hopper by their own weight. When the screw contacts the inclined edge of the thread, the rotating inclined flute faces the plastic. The shocked face pushes the particles forward with the vertical thrust. In the process of pushing, the plastic is melted due to the friction between the plastic and the screw, the plastic and the barrel, and the collision and friction between the particles. At the same time, the plastic is melted due to the external heating of the barrel. The molten plastic is filtered by the machine head to remove impurities and come out of the mold. After cooling, inflation, etc., the finished film is rolled into a tube.

Electromagnetic heating (IH) technology is a new type of high-frequency heating technology. After research and development by scientific researchers, an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-frequency heating system has been produced, and the heating efficiency has increased to 90% (maximum 99.8%). According to the installation and testing in various plastic processing enterprises, the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-frequency heating system has obvious energy-saving effects for plastic processing enterprises, saving electricity by 30%-70%. It fully reflects its energy-saving advantages, saves a lot of electricity costs for plastic processing enterprises, improves production efficiency, improves the environment of the workshop, and directly reduces indirect production costs.