The Current Situation Investigation Analysis And Development Trend Forecast Report Of Disposable Paper Cup Lid Industry

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is affecting the entire global market. In addition to the cost of human life, the impact of the spread of the virus on the global economy has only just begun to be recognized, and it has a profound impact on the world's technology supply chain. At present, the center of the COVID-19 pandemic has moved from East Asia to Europe and the United States. More than 50 countries around the world have declared a national emergency. Large-scale quarantine, travel restrictions and social distancing measures have led to a sharp drop in personal and corporate spending. In the short term, this phenomenon continued until the end of the second quarter, which in turn triggered an economic recession. Although the epidemic in most parts of the world may be brought under control in the latter part of the second quarter, the vicious circle of economic recession began to take effect, and the recession period continued until the end of the third quarter. People continue to stay at home, companies lose income, lay off employees, and unemployment has risen sharply. Business investment has shrunk, corporate bankruptcies have increased sharply, and pressure on the banking and financial system has risen sharply. It is expected that the overall global economy will decline to a certain extent in 2020.

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Based on the latest research, we believe that major countries in the world can contain the epidemic by the end of the second quarter, and gradually resume work and production in the third and fourth quarters. In this case, the global disposable paper cup lid growth rate in 2020 will be 18— Between 35%. Based on conservative estimates, we believe that the global disposable paper cup lid market will reach 20 billion yuan in 2020, which is a big change from the 11 billion yuan in 2019. It is expected that major countries in the world will be able to resume production and work at the end of the year, and the average annual growth rate will remain at 16% in the next few years.

This report studies the development status and future development trends of disposable paper cup lids in the world and China, and analyzes the main production areas, main consumption areas and major manufacturers of disposable paper cup lids from the perspective of production and consumption. Focus on the analysis of the product characteristics, product types, prices, output, and output value of major global and Chinese manufacturers, and the market shares of major global and Chinese manufacturers. Best paper lid solution from Tinyard machines.