Sydney International Machinery Manufacturing Week Exhibition 2019.05

Australia's largest high-level machinery industry exhibition

The  Australian Machinery Manufacturing Weekly NMW is the largest,  highest-level, and most extensive industrial technology showcase and  trading venue in Oceania. It is held annually in Sydney and Melbourne.

A wide range of exhibitions: a wide range of exhibitions, including a wide range of products in the machinery industry. Among them, machine tools, engineering machinery, hardware tools, welding heat treatment, electronic power, material handling. Divided  into twelve themes, including: Australian International Engineering  Exhibition, Welding Heat Treatment Exhibition, Casting and Forging, Gas  Hydraulic Technology, Material Handling, Computer Control, Security  Products, Process and Control Exhibition, Machine Tool, Metal  Processing, Power Equipment , electronic devices, etc.

The  scale of the exhibition is large: In 2017, there were exhibitors from  China, India, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore,  Switzerland, South Africa, the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and  the number of visitors reached tens of thousands. In  the exhibition survey, industrial manufacturing and service displays on  industrial, mining, energy and other resources have received special  attention from visitors.

The  organizers are strong: Reed Exhibitions has more than 500 exhibitions  in 43 countries around the world. It is the world's largest organiser of  exhibitions and conferences. It has accumulated over 100 years of  experience in the development, planning, promotion and sales of global  quality exhibitions. And won the reputation of quality, well-known, authoritative exhibition organizers.点击图标下载 App