Sticker Printing Method

At present, global sticker label printing can be divided into the following camps according to the different printing methods used:

1. Mainly flexo printing

North America, represented by the United States and Canada, is a typical representative of the use of flexographic printing stickers. The equipment is a unit-type printing unit, mainly based on water-based ink, and adopts round die cutting.


2, half of relief printing and flexographic printing

This processing method is mostly in Europe, and the application of flexographic printing is basically the same as that in the United States. Relief printing also occupies 50% of the proportion. All of the relief printing uses UV ink, and most of the equipment is laminated or satellite.


3, mainly with relief printing

This method is mainly based in the Asia-Pacific region. Most developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region are still lagging behind in label printing. Even if they use letterpress printing, only a few use UV ink equipment. Most label printing still uses resin ink, roll-to-roll printing and sheet printing. Coexistence; Due to the high proportion of manual labeling, single-sheet offset printing stickers are widely used; flat die-cutting is the main method in die cutting.


4. Offset printing

Offset printing is the main method for printing paper stickers in Chinese label printing factories. The characteristics of offset printing are fine graphics and rich layers, suitable for mass printing, and the printing equipment can be used in one machine, suitable for the characteristics of the Chinese label market. However, sheet-fed offset printing is not suitable for printing films with no absorbent surface, because film labels are mostly roll-to-roll printing, which requires volatile dry ink. Offset printing can print thicker plastic materials, such as in-mold labels and label hang tags, but UV curing devices must be added to the machine, which requires a large fee.


5. Screen printing

Screen printing is the printing method with the widest adaptability to substrates. At present, many screen printing factories use low-cost screen printing equipment to undertake the printing business of adhesive labels and film labels. The characteristics of screen-printed labels are heavy ink color and strong three-dimensional sense. UV ink can be used to print film products. In addition to the few types of rotary screen printing equipment that can be competent for roll-to-roll label printing, most screen printing equipment is semi-automatic flat screen printing machines, which can only print single-sheet products. Film label production equipment. Moreover, while the post-press processing technology is transforming its business, it should also pay attention to the corresponding changes in the post-print processing of the label. Paper processing and web processing.