R & D Background Of Paper Cover Machine

R & D background of paper cover machine

    For many years, all beverages such as coffee, tea, ice cream, etc. have been stored in plastic cups and paper cups. The lids of the containers generally use transparent and translucent plastic lids. These plastic lids are disposable, although they have very personalized shapes. There is an environmental pollution problem. With the progress of civilization in modern society, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and conservation of natural resources. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for the use of paper lids for containers that can be naturally decomposed when discarded and reduce environmental pollution. However, the beverage paper lid can function as a lid only when the following conditions are met. The conditions are the same as the existing plastic lids, not only hygienic, but also waterproof treatment, and flexible so that it does not break and maintain resilience when repeatedly opened or closed. When the lid is closed, it is firmly combined with the main body of the container to prevent The phenomenon of beverages leaking to the outside during movement does not expand or contract due to temperature changes. However, the conventional paper lid has too weak side wall strength and the lid cannot be firmly attached to the cup. Therefore, there is a problem that the lid is easily separated from the cup, and the beverage is slightly moved and leaks to the outside. Therefore, the paper lid is used. It is not a simple matter to replace the plastic cover.

      The PLA-60 high-speed paper lid machine is based on our Chengda Machinery Co., Ltd. medium-speed paper cup machine, based on the function of the paper cup forming machine and the characteristics of paper lid production. It is characterized by intelligent equipment and high production efficiency. It is the best equipment for producing paper container lids such as paper soup bowl lids, instant noodle bowl lids, coffee cups, etc. There are disruptive innovative technologies in every field, just like our research and development of high-speed paper cover machines. At that time, the development of this equipment was based on two prerequisites, one was the original design intention and the other was the technical condition.

       The original design intention: use domestic paper cup paper and food-grade cattle card materials to produce paper lids, all replacing traditional plastic lids.

       Technical conditions: Because we have produced paper cup machines for more than 20 years, we have a good understanding of the physics of paper cups, and we have targeted design and improvement on the relevant angles of the cup body and the mating surface of the paper cup roll mouth, so as to effectively ensure that our research and development The tightness of the lid and the cup body produced by the paper lid machine.