Printing Technology Of In-mold Label

Printing technology of in-mold label

In-mold labels can be completed by web printing or sheet printing.

Rolling simple paper printing processing can be divided into online, one-time processing and extension multiple processing. The former is suitable for printing graphics and texts that require bronzing, and there is a round pressing bronzing and die cutting device on the printing machine. The latter applies to the situation where there is only a separate hot stamping machine and die cutting machine. The biggest advantage of roll paper printing processing is that it is suitable for mass production, with fast production speed and high efficiency.

Sheet-fed printing is usually screen printing and offset printing. Compared with the former, this kind of processing is suitable for small batch production. The cost of plate-making is low, the processing is more flexible, and the printing effect is good. The field of silk screen and the level of offset printing are better than those of web printing.

In-mold label materials are also suitable for a variety of printing processes, including: lithographic offset printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing and letterpress printing, offset and flexographic printing are currently the most