Paper Machinery: Features Of Rewinding Machine

Paper Machinery: Features of Rewinding Machine

As the most important part of the paper processing machinery industry, the rewinding machine is introduced in terms of its functional characteristics.

1. Optional double-sided embossing and gluing compound can make the paper softer than single-sided embossing. The double-sided effect of the finished product is consistent, and each layer of paper does not spread out during use. It is especially suitable for processing roll kitchen towel , And the weight of the same size finished product is reduced by 15% or more.

2. Equipped with processing centerless, solid, roll paper toilet paper, it can switch between products in an instant, and can also be selected according to user needs.

3. Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing, and pumping are completed in an instant and synchronously, so that no paper is lost when the roll paper is transferred to the band saw for cutting and packaging, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product. The finished product has a paper tail For easy activation.

4. Fully automatic embossed toilet paper rewinding machine with pneumatic belt feeding. The rewinding shaft and the base paper of each shaft have independent tension adjustment mechanism.