Paper Machinery

Paper Machinery: Detailed explanation of the operation process of the automatic toilet paper rewinding machine

Firstly put the raw paper on the paper feed rack (three-axis paper). The paper feed rack is equipped with an automatic paper feeding device and paper feeding device, and then the paper is fed into the paper feeding roller. Flat, back into the punching device and finally enter the guide device. There are hollow paper shaft devices on both sides of the guide roller to make the centerless paper roll. The roll paper is guided by a rewinding roller and a pressure roller repeatedly. (The tightness of the roll paper is adjusted according to customer requirements and is easily adjusted by air pressure control.) The roll paper reaches a certain specification. The machine will automatically stop and roll out the paper. The roll paper is separated by a paper cutter, and the glue is automatically sprayed and sealed while cutting the paper. The whole procedure is completed. After the delay time of starting up, the automatic toilet paper rewinding machine will restart automatically. After the finished product is cut, the paper is cut into roll paper of different specifications by a big saw (customers require cutting). The whole process is controlled by computer-programmed PLC and frequency conversion.