Paper Cup Machine Has A Good Development Prospect

Paper cup machine has a good development prospect

In recent years, the paper cup machine has been welcomed by a large number of manufacturers and professionals. As the name suggests, the paper cup machine is a machine for producing paper cups.

As we all know, paper cups are containers used to hold liquids, and the liquids contained in them are usually edible. Therefore, from this we can understand that the paper cups produced must comply with food safety regulations. Then the paper cup machine also needs to consider the materials used to meet the edible requirements when selecting the cup raw materials.

Since its inception, paper tableware has been widely promoted and used in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Hong Kong. Paper products are uniquely beautiful, environmentally friendly and sanitary, oil-proof and temperature-resistant, and are non-toxic, tasteless, good image, feel good, degradable, and pollution-free. As soon as paper tableware entered the market, it was quickly accepted by people with its unique charm. International fast food and beverage suppliers such as McDonald's, KFC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and instant noodle manufacturers all use paper tableware.

While the plastic products that appeared twenty years ago and were hailed as the "White Revolution" brought convenience to mankind, they also produced "white pollution" that is difficult to eliminate today. Because plastic tableware is difficult to recycle, incineration produces harmful gases, and cannot be degraded naturally, and burial will destroy the soil structure. The Chinese government spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year to deal with it, but the results are not great. The development of green environmental protection products and the elimination of white pollution have become a major global social problem.

At present, from an international perspective, many countries in Europe and the United States have already banned the use of plastic tableware. From the domestic situation, the Ministry of Railways, the Ministry of Transport, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the State Planning Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as local governments such as Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Dalian, Xiamen, Guangzhou and many other large cities have taken the lead in issuing laws to completely prohibit the use of disposables. Plastic tableware, the State Economic and Trade Commission (1999) No. 6 document also clearly stipulates that at the end of 2000, the use of plastic tableware is prohibited nationwide. A global change in the plastic tableware manufacturing industry is gradually emerging. The green and environmentally friendly products of "replacing plastic with paper" have become one of the trends of current social development.