Matters Needing Attention In Paper Machinery Maintenance

Matters needing attention in paper machinery maintenance

1 Ensure that all parts of the paper product machinery are well lubricated, the rolling bearings must not exceed 70 ℃, the sliding bearings must not exceed 60oC; after the dryer is ventilated, the rolling bearings must not exceed s0 ℃, and the sliding bearings must not exceed 70 ℃;

2 The speed control mechanism of each part is flexible, and the adjustment range meets the design requirements;

3 Each manual and automatic adjustment device, flexible and reliable operation of the tensioning device;

4 The vacuum box of each vacuum roller can be adjusted flexibly, the suction box is tight, and the vacuum degree meets the requirements;

5 The network changing device of the network department is flexible without blocking;

6 The amplitude of the vibration of the paper product mechanical vibration box is flexible, and the vibration of the chest roller and the net case are normal;

7 The lifting of each press roll and calender roll makes the pressure mechanism flexible and reliable;

8 The wool in the press section is washed normally, and the vacuum head is flexible to and fro;

9 The gear box of the paper machine drying section runs smoothly without noise, the lubrication system is smooth, and the oil circulation is good;

10 After the dryer is ventilated, the inlet head is well sealed, the drainage is normal, and the expansion of the dryer is not blocked;

11 The air conditioning system of the drying section is operating normally, and the air volume adjustment meets the design requirements;

12 The scraper and transmission device swing flexibly and have good contact;

13 The clutch of the transmission part is flexible and reliable, the transmission has no noise and the temperature is normal;

14 The rollers of the calender run smoothly and there is no reciprocating phenomenon;

15 The mechanical cold cylinder of the paper product runs smoothly, the paper roll pick-up mechanism is flexible and reliable, and the cooling water circulation is normal;

16 There is no leakage of various lubricating oil, steam, water, compressed air and hydraulic piping systems;

17 All system instruments and control and control devices are sensitive and reliable, and meet the design requirements. Number of inspections: All inspections.