South Korea's Starbucks Store Began To Use White Paper Straws

[Today, South Korea's Starbucks store began to use white paper straws] South Korea's Starbucks announced on the 26th that it will expand the paper straws used in some stores to the national stores.
Paper straws were born in response to environmental pollution and replaced disposable plastic straws. In September this year, it was used preferentially in 100 stores in Seoul, Busan and Jeju in Starbucks.
Starbucks prepared straws in green and white colors, investigated customer preferences, and conducted various experiments to enhance pipette durability.
After two months of demonstration operations, Starbucks decided to use a white paper straw from a hygiene point of view with reference to customer recommendations. The inside and outside of the straw are covered with environmentally friendly soybean oil to improve its durability.
For iced drinks such as iced and iced latte, Starbucks uses a “no straw cap” to reduce the use of straws. Paper straws are only available for drinks with added cream.
Starbucks said that "we will collect disposable items such as straws and stir bars for customers to use freely in the store. Only when customers need it."
The plastic stir bar when mixing the drink will be replaced with wood. Disposable plastic packaging for customers who order more than 9 drinks will also be changed to a multi-use handbag in mid-December.
Starbucks said that "the national store will start using paper straws today, but according to the actual situation, the store will start using paper straws after all the plastic straws are used up. At the latest, paper straws will be used in all stores within the year."
Last year, South Korea's Starbucks used 180 million plastic straws, with a length of 37,800 km and a weight of about 126 tons.