How To Perform Daily Maintenance For Paper Products Machinery

How to perform daily maintenance for paper products machinery

The daily maintenance of paper machinery is very important, but what needs daily maintenance? ? Many people don't know much about this, and they don't pay much attention to it. As a result of this, the service life of paper machinery is shortened, and under the production efficiency, Jinfu Machinery summarizes the following maintenance considerations based on years of experience:

 . Note that the voltage must be stable, otherwise the motor will be easily burned; pay attention to hygiene, and do not let debris fall between the steel roller and the hair roller.

  Minor repair content Check and adjust the bearing, and check the coaxiality of the coupling. Check and adjust the looseness of anchor bolts. Repair or replace defects that occurred in individual parts during operation.

 Overhaul the web machine to disassemble and take out the rotor and all parts and clean them. Check the condition of all internal parts, measure the degree of wear and corrosion, and replace parts if necessary. During assembly, measure with a horizontal ruler, adjust the unevenness of the pump, and check and adjust the coaxiality of the coupling.