Fully-automatic Intelligent Carton Forming Machine Creates Exquisite Carton To Help Festive Packaging Marketing

Fully-automatic intelligent carton forming machine creates exquisite carton to help festive packaging marketing

For merchants, various festival activities are the focus of their efforts. Under the premise of ensuring profitability, merchants have to think hard to devise attractive event plans, but engaging in activities is often not so easy. If the activity is excessive in terms of price, benefits, discounts, etc., it will appear to be off-price and people may suspect that the quality is not good, and if it is too low, customers will inevitably feel that sincerity is not enough when comparing with other stores. Therefore, event promotion is not so easy, it is difficult to attract accurate customers, and it is even more difficult to stand out from the peer competition, because we never expect what kind of peers will have Program.

However, the difficulty of making festivals does not mean that we are going to stop. It is easier for us to build momentum by creating new paths, such as fish and water, and carton packaging marketing is a good way to build momentum for festivals. In the past, merchants did not put too much attention on carton packaging, they just felt that it was durable, but with the improvement of people's consumption level and aesthetic ability, the status of commodity packaging has become quite different.

The exquisite carton packaging is not only visually more shocking and attractive, but also conducive to showing the value of the goods and even making the goods more valuable. The exquisiteness and quantity pursued by the holiday carton packaging marketing, on the one hand, creating a personalized high-quality packaging carton can form a good brand effect, making it easier for customers to remember, on the other hand, the holiday is often the season of hot selling of goods. The number will increase accordingly. Therefore, merchants need a large number of high-quality boxes at the same time as they purchase a large amount of goods. So the challenge for manufacturers is how to make high-quality boxes in large quantities.

Lishunyuan fully automatic intelligent carton forming machine LY-1632 is a small expert in making high-quality boxes efficiently. It adopts a modular design concept and uses an independent modular vision + robot positioning machine to pass through the glue positioning host and forming machine. The positioning accuracy Up to 0.1mm, suitable for making quality boxes with high requirements on quality and appearance. This automatic intelligent carton forming machine has stable paper feeding and is not easy to suck double sheets. After being wrapped and pasted in the middle of production and processing, there are no defects such as glue overflow, hollow, wrinkles, scratches, warping, blistering, etc. Product scrap rate. While saving labor costs, it also saves the production of finished products, so that manufacturers can make quality cartons without pressure when the festival is coming.

Event promotion is ever-changing, focusing on profit-seeking psychology, but the effect is often difficult to predict, and carton packaging marketing is ever-changing on beauty psychology, which can be better in appearance and quality is often easy to win. The Lishunyuan automatic intelligent carton forming machine makes the quality carton simple and efficient, helping manufacturers and merchants to play festive packaging marketing.