FIFA 2018 Future Industry Exhibition

Made in China  2025 clearly proposed to select the top ten key areas for breakthroughs,  of which high-end CNC machine tools and robots have a core position.

Industry  4.0 is an inevitable trend in the development of the combination of  manufacturing and information technology, and the transformation from  “manufacturing” to “intellectual creation” to “creation”. In  the field of information technology and smart industry, the innovation  ability of Chinese enterprises is dynamic, and the industrial strength  can not be underestimated. From traditional industries such as  airplanes, high-speed rail and nuclear power, to today's emerging fields  of digital technology, environmental protection and energy  conservation, 3D printing is steadily growing.

Behind  the "future industry" is the innovation and innovation of digital  technology. "Future industry" will be a turning point in changing  production patterns and improving the living environment of human  beings, and fundamentally achieving an important milestone in China's  industrial revolution. “FIF Future Industrial  Exhibition” will integrate the 21st FBC Shanghai 2018 Asia Intelligent  Manufacturing Equipment Industry Expo Advantage Resources, which will be  held on November 19-21, 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Center.