Degradable Paper Straws Have Become A Good Business.

According  to foreign media reports, the Hoffmaster Group acquired paper straw  manufacturer Aardvark Straws from Precision Products Group, the only  company in the United States that produces paper straws.
 Because  of this acquisition, Hoffmaster will acquire the Aardvark brand and a  paper straw manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The machine has a production line that produces customizable paper straws for customers.

The  company claims that the acquisition will provide Aardvark with  additional production resources, so the brand can meet the growing  demand for paper straws when consumers and businesses abandon plastic  pipettes that have an impact on the environment.

Aardvark's  paper straw series are used as fertilizers, are naturally degradable  and meet FDA/EU (Food and Drug Administration/EU) requirements.

Andy  Romjue, president of Hoffmaster's Food and Beverage Department, said:  "This is an important acquisition for Hoffmaster because Aardvark straws  are an extension of our quality products and add to our range of  environmentally friendly products."

“In  the next few months, we will actively increase Aardvark's production  capacity to meet the rapidly growing demand for paper straws, while  conducting a comprehensive review of business needs and integrating them  into the current state in the best possible state. In the Hoffmaster infrastructure."

“We are committed to being a reliable source of paper straws in the food service market.”

Dave  Hooe, Chief Principles Group, Precision Products Group added: "We are  very optimistic that Hoffmaster will acquire Aardvark. Their  understanding of the food service market and their resources will help  the company to provide billions of dollars worth of quality to  restaurants and businesses. Paper straws, hope to implement these necessary changes to protect our environment."

"We are proud of Aardvark's participation and look forward to continuing to succeed with Hoffmaster.
 Many  companies in the food and beverage industry have pledged to eliminate  the use of plastic straws in the past year because they have to adapt to  consumer expectations and legislative changes.

In  March of this year, the EU said it was considering banned member  countries from using plastic straws in the future, and companies such as  McDonald's, Diageo and Paul Rica have promised to phase out the use of  plastic straws.

Previously,  Starbucks announced that its store will completely eliminate disposable  plastic straws by 2020, replaced by paper, compostable plastics, or  straws made of recyclable materials, or with suctions that do not  require straws. Cup lid.

It  seems that the elimination of plastic straws is a trend, but the  material of the paper straws is easy to dissolve. The paper straws will  make the taste of the beverages taste the taste of the paper. Therefore,  the future development of this industry deserves continuous attention.  No matter what, home use What is the opinion of the paper straw instead of the plastic straw, welcome to leave a message.