Bauma CHINA 2018

Bauma  CHINA (Shanghai Baoma Construction Machinery Exhibition), China  International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery,  Mining Machinery, Engineering Vehicles and Equipment Expo, held every  two years at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, providing Asian  professional professionals for the construction machinery industry. Exchange display platform.

Bauma CHINA 2018 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 27-30, 2018. As  an extension of the world-renowned construction machinery exhibition  bauma in China, bauma CHINA has become a stage for the global  construction machinery enterprise competition. It is home to many  high-quality enterprises and showcases tens of thousands of innovations.  Products and technologies have witnessed the inheritance of engineering machinery wisdom.
4 large exhibit range, deep into product segmentation

Bauma  CHINA 2018 will bring together more than 3,000 exhibitors from home and  abroad, covering construction machinery, mining raw material extraction  and processing equipment, building materials machinery, accessory parts  and service providers to showcase the industry's innovation and  development.
Audience composition, covering industry customers

Bauma  CHINA 2018 is expected to attract 200,000 professional visitors from  emerging markets and demanding countries of construction machinery such  as Russia, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Turkey, Australia and  Mongolia.

Comprehensive  coverage: engineering companies, construction companies, contractors,  building materials production companies, mining companies, leasing  companies, agricultural machinery dealers, municipal gardens, airport  groups, logistics companies, ports, trading companies.