A One-piece Paper Lid Machine Was Launched

Packaging machine manufacturer Tinyard Co.  has launched a one-piece paper lid machine for his cutomers to make low-cost, strong structure lids of cups or food containers.

The single-layer lid features specially designed pleats that sit up against the rim of the food container, allowing enough to steam to escape so that that lid will not bend or cave-in when hot food is placed inside. The pleated design replaces the small vent holes traditionally found on the top of food container lids.

The introduction of the lid will allow foodservice operators to switch to a totally paperboard-based packaging solution for takeaway soup or other hot and cold food items.

The lid also features a specially designed “tuck-under” so when it is placed on the container it snaps onto the rim to help secure it – even if the container is accidentally tipped over.

An engineer of the manufacturer said: “The paper lid combines functionality with sustainability, providing operators and consumers with a splash- and leak-resistant product that also comes with a positive environmental message. It contains up to 45% less material weight than other paper lids for a lighter-weight solution. the new paper lid meets the requirements of low cost, fast manufacturing in market.