8 Companies Declare To Abandon Plastic Straws, What To Take Place?

In addition to the coffee giant Starbucks, at least seven companies plan to abandon plastic straws, reduce waste and save turtles.

Starbucks announced last week that it plans to stop plastic straws in all stores by 2020, calling it "a response to the plastic waste crisis." In addition to the coffee giant Starbucks, at least seven companies plan to abandon plastic straws, reduce waste and save turtles.

As of 2016, there are at least 150 million tons of plastic in the ocean. Starbucks estimates that after launching the current plan, more than 1 billion plastic straws will be used by 28,000 stores nationwide each year.

What are these companies going to replace plastic straws?


When Starbucks announced that it would reduce the waste generated by plastic straws, it said the company would replace the existing cold drink straws with recyclable plastic cup lids. If you ask for a straw when you drink Frappuccino, use a straw made of paper or compostable plastic instead.

2. Hyatt

At a press conference, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts announced that plastic straws will only be available upon request from September 1. Hyatt also said that it will provide an "environmental protection plan" to replace other products, but did not give a clear explanation.

3. Hilton Hotel

According to Hilton's plan, the Group's 650 hotels will retire plastic straws in 2018 to achieve the goal of halving their environmental footprint by 2030. Hilton said it can provide straws on request, but paper straws or biodegradable straws.

4. British Marriott

According to the BBC, in February 2018, Marriott International said that more than 60 British hotels would abandon plastic straws. Marriott said it will provide alternatives, such as biodegradable straws or paper straws at the customer's request.

5. American Airlines

American Airlines, like Starbucks and Hyatt, announced that it will completely retire plastic straws by November. Bio-degradable products will be used on company flights instead of plastic straws.

6. Alaska Airlines

According to the Associated Press, Alaska Airlines announced in May that it would replace the plastic straws with "a sustainable product that protects the oceans" this summer.

7. Ocean World Entertainment

Ocean World Entertainment announced that as part of its "Protection of a Global Animal and Habitat Program," disposable plastic straws and plastic bags will be discontinued in all of the company's 12 theme parks. The company notice did not propose to use other sustainable materials instead.

8. Royal Caribbean

Earlier this year, Royal Caribbean said that all of its 50 cruise ships will be decommissioning plastic straws by 2019 and paper straws if requested by customers.

Plastic straw ban

In addition to some companies planning to ban plastic straws, many cities have introduced plastic straw bans, saying they will impose fines on non-compliance agencies. Similar policies have been introduced in cities such as Miami Beach, Seattle, Oakland, and Berkeley.

While some environmental groups are applauding the move to stop plastic straws to clean the oceans, the Rights Protection Organization for the Disabled believes that a complete ban on plastic straws can have a negative impact on people with disabilities.

Access Living, the Chicago rights association for the disabled, told Fortune magazine that the ban on the use of plastic straws is worrying. “For many people with disabilities, the use of plastic straws is the only way to drink water. It has been proposed to use straws made of metal, glass, bamboo or paper, but these materials will at least cause difficulties for some people with disabilities.”

The organization explained that straws made of alternative materials such as metal “can cause pain or injury to the mouth. Paper straws are easily dissolved. Many people with disabilities must use plastic straws for physical reasons or because they have to drink water in a special way. Because the plastic is flexible enough."