5000lph Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System/ RO Water Treatment System

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: CK-RO-5000L

  • Salt Rejection Rate: 98.0%

  • Capacity: 5000L/H

  • Type: Reverse Osmosis

  • Material: FRP or Stainless Steel

  • Raw Water Supply Pump: Cnp, Grunfos

  • RO Working Voltage: 380V/50Hz, Customized

  • Water Feeding Pressure: 0.15-0.25MPa

  • Package: Carton Case or Wooden Box

  • Origin: Guangzhou China

  • Certification: SGS, CE

  • Application: Industry

  • Motive Force: Electric Power

  • Usage: Environmental Protection

  • RO Membrane: Vontron, Dow, Toray, Csm, etc.

  • RO Membrane Brand: Dow, Ge, Toray and Other Brand

  • Desalination: 97%

  • Trademark: CHUNKE

  • Specification: CE Approcal

  • HS Code: 8421219990

Product Description
Typical process flow
Raw water booster pump -------Muti-medium filter+Activated carbon filter-------Chemical dosing device-------Security filter-------High pressure pump-----RO host(DOW4040/8040)------Water tank+PH regulate system-------second-class high pressure pump ------second-class RO host-------Water tank+Ozone machine-------Automatic filling machine

Multi-media filter
The multi-media filter is widely used in drinking water treatment to remove different types of particles, such as suspended solids (turbidity), colloidal compounds and etc, ensuring the filtered water's TDS is less than 5. This process will reduce the load on the back-end fine filters.
There is diffuser, installed in the filter. Their main function is to make the compressed air and the water distribute evenly during backwash and water distribution.

The active carbon filter is the key device, commonly used for removal of organic substance and heavy metal element, suspended solids, residual chlorine and etc. It can effectively reduce the level of COD and improve the taste of water. The system is a pressure filter. In the filter, the quartz and Coconut shell activecarbon bed are employed. The activated carbon is equipped with vent valving at the highest point and adrain connection at the lowest point. The internal systems and components for each tank is constructed of frp material.

Reverse Osmosis Modules( RO)
RO system is key part for the water treatment system, which is widely used to make the pure water and drinking water. RO membrane removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane. The result is that the solute such as iron, Virus, bacteria and solids is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side.

Piping, Valves & Fittings
The pipe, valves and fittings (including tubing) ball valves, butterfly valves, piping used to the system is SS304. Reverse Osmosis Modules is equipped with sample valve for the convenience to check the product water.

Control devices
The whole automatic production line is achieved through the converter and PLC programmer and data collector such as the liquid lever sensor, flow sensor and etc. The whole production line is monitored by remote computer. When the water level of the product water tank is high, the system will stop automatically. When the water level of the product water tank is low, the system will run automatically.

 Productivity(T/H) Motor power(kw) Recovery rate (%) Outlet water conductivity(us/CM) Raw water conductivity(us/CM)
 CK-RO-500L 0.5 1.5 50 ≤10 ≤300
 CK-RO-1000L 1 2.2 50  ≤10 ≤300
 CK-RO-2000L 2 3 50-60  ≤10 ≤300
 CK-RO-3000L 3 4.5 55-65  ≤10 ≤300
 CK-RO-4000L 4 6.5 55-65  ≤10 ≤300
 CK-RO-5000L 5 8 60-70  ≤10 ≤300
 CK-RO-10000L 10 15 60-70  ≤10 ≤300
 CK-RO-20000L 20 22 65-75 ≤10 ≤300
 CK-RO-30000L 30 26 70-75  ≤10 ≤300
 CK-RO-50000L 50 55 70-75  ≤10 ≤300
 Productivity(T/H)  Motor power(kw)  Recovery rate (%)  Outlet water conductivity(us/CM)  Raw water conductivity(us/CM)
 CK-RO-500L  0.5  1.5  50  ≤10  ≤300
 CK-RO-1000L  1  2.2  50   ≤10  ≤300
 CK-RO-2000L  2  3  50-60   ≤10  ≤300
 CK-RO-3000L  3  4.5  55-65   ≤10  ≤300
 CK-RO-4000L  4  6.5  55-65   ≤10  ≤300
 CK-RO-5000L  5  8  60-70   ≤10  ≤300
 CK-RO-10000L  10  15  60-70   ≤10  ≤300
 CK-RO-20000L  20  22  65-75  ≤10  ≤300
 CK-RO-30000L  30  26  70-75   ≤10  ≤300
 CK-RO-50000L  50  55  70-75   ≤10  ≤300