what is degradable plastic bag?

1. Degradable  plastics are human- and environmental-friendly items made from plant  straws. Different from the three synthetic plastics, they can be  decomposed by themselves under the action of biological environment  after being discarded, no matter for people or the environment. Harm, belonging to green packaging.

Second, the degradable plastic bag is a disposable shopping bag that can be degraded and easily degraded.

Third, the degradable plastic bags can be divided into two types depending on the raw materials and decomposition factors:

•  A plastic bag made of polyethylene plastic, blended with biodegradable  agents such as starch, also known as biodegradable plastic bags. This plastic bag is mainly decomposed by the action of microorganisms.

•  The other is a plastic bag made of polyethylene plastic, mixed with  mineral powder such as photodegradation agent and calcium carbonate. It  is also called a light-reducing plastic bag. This plastic bag is broken down by the action of sunlight.

4. The RECYCLE logo on the degradable plastic bag or the Chinese environmental label. Foreign countries generally add the "EPI" environmental protection mark.