What are the performance characteristics of polyethylene starch biodegradable plastic film?

In  the raw material for forming biodegradable plastic film, the amount of  starch added should be not less than 8% of the total amount of the  material used, and the performance before the product is degraded should  reach the index of 5-21.

2.  The mechanical properties of the degraded plastic products are related  to the proportion of starch in the resin: the proportion of starch is  increased, and the mechanical properties are decreased. When the content  of starch in the resin exceeds 20%, the tear strength is significantly  reduced.

3.  Due to the addition of starch in the resin, the haze of the film is  improved, and it becomes a milky white translucent film, but has little  effect on the light transmittance.

4. Starch is practically incompatible with the resin in the product, it is only uniformly dispersed in the resin. The polyethylene resin melt is in the longitudinal direction. When  stretched in the transverse direction, the starch granules are not  stretched, so that the periphery of the starch granules and the resin  form voids, and such a film has a certain gas permeable function.

5.  For the same quality film (when the thickness is also the same), the  area of the degraded plastic film is larger than that of the ordinary  PE film, that is, the degradable film is lighter than the ordinary PE  film per square meter.

6.  Due to the hydrophilicity of starch, the degradation film also has  certain hygroscopicity and static dispersibility, and is suitable for  use in antistatic packaging applications.

7.  The starch in the polyethylene starch degradation film reduces the  calorific value of the plastic film, so that the discarded film can be  incinerated. Because of its low calorific value, it will not damage the  incineration equipment, and will not produce toxic gases and harmful  fly. dust.

1.30 How to choose raw materials for polypropylene blown film extrusion?

For  the raw materials for polypropylene resin extrusion blow molding film,  plastic film PP-H-1-015 grade resin should be selected according to the  standard, and the melt flow rate (MFR) is 7-12g/10min. Resin density is 0.89-0.91g/cm3