Straw packing machine manufacturer in China into the international market

Straw packing machine manufacturer, is more than a drink straw packing into the bags of equipment. Tension unwinding machine consists of drive systems, thin film device, pipe the filling device, automatic sealing cutting device, transmission device and other components of finished products, straw packing machine manufacturers have a high degree of automation, production speed can replace more than 10 manual operation, saving material and personnel costs.

Straw packing machine manufacturer poly packing, forming a sack, stuffing, packing are once completed, automatic counting can be secondary packaging, packaging speed is adjustable, packaging counts any adjustable from 2 to 100, special specifications can be provided to the relevant improvements.

Straw packing machine manufacturers frequency control, automatic counting, can be single-sided or double-sided two-color printing, color clear, bright, flexible sheet plate, water ink printing, print, feed, sealing and cutting out the finished paper packing straw. Straw packing machine manufacturers can be a multi-purpose machine, namely, packing the same machine in different models of pipette.