one-time stamping paper lid making process

The paper cover formed by one-time stamping relates to a disposable paper cup, a disposable paper cover used on a paper bowl. The paper cover 3 has an elastic buckle skirt skirt 4 on the joint with an elastic buckle 5, and the paper cover 3 There are reinforcing ribs 6. When using the present invention, the paper cover 3 is slightly hard to cover the paper cup, and the paper bowl 1 is enough. Because of the elasticity of the paper cover buckle skirt 4, it opens outwards when buckled in, and buckles in After reclaiming and buckling the paper cups, the paper bowl 1, paper lid buckle ring 5 is also elastic, loosen when buckled in, and fasten the paper cup after buckling, and the paper bowl coil 2. After the lid is closed, a few paper cups, paper When the stack of bowls falls on top, the ribs 6 on the paper cover 3 can increase the strength of the paper cover 3 to support the weight of the paper cup, paper bowl 1 and its contents. When used as an instant noodle paper bowl cover, place it in the paper bowl After entering the instant noodles, the condiments are covered with the present invention, and hot and pressurized on a special capping machine, the paper cover is glued to the bowl mouth, which can be sealed and kept fresh. The present invention can be produced and packaged separately, which is convenient to save materials and does not occupy Packaging and storage space for paper cups and paper bowls.