more and more popular laminated bubble film envelops

recent years the laminated bubble film envelops are used more and more popular.

Laminated bubble film envelops are air bubble film inside, kraft paper or Aluminium foil outside.

The outer layer  is kraft paper (white, yellow or natural) with a smooth surface and easy  to write; it can print different patterns, trademarks and characters  according to customer requirements without infringing on the  intellectual property rights of others; it is lined with bubble film,  which has cushioning and shockproof effect to prevent The  items are damaged due to pressure, bump, and fall; no adhesive is used  between the layers of the material, which is completely non-toxic and  environmentally friendly; the self-adhesive strip of the envelope is  designed to be easy to use;

The ourter layer is Aluminium foil, this envelops are normally used for packing of frozen seafood, fresh meat, steak etc. which have better preservation and no water leakage.

The  color of kraft paper is mainly golden yellow, but also has natural  color and white color. It is beautiful and elegant, and the outer layer  is easy to write and can be labeled.
A smooth bubble pad protects the inner layer and facilitates the insertion of items;
Self-sticking design is safe, easy to use and saves time;
Easy to tear strips are specially designed for easy opening;
Compared with the traditional packaging cost, this product is light in weight and can save 35% of packaging and mailing costs;
Environmentally friendly - recyclable

Mainly  used for post office express, logistics express, craft glass products,  CD, video tape, tape, DVD, gifts, jewelry, product introduction, books,  electronic parts, textiles, game software, toys, parts, medical  equipment, photo frames, watches , optical drive, drugs, etc. Protect the safety of mailed items and prevent items from being damaged by pressure, bumps and drops during mailing.