Introduction of ML600Y-S Special-shaped Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine

Introduction of ML600Y-S Special-shaped Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine: ML600Y-S Special-shaped High-speed Automatic Paper Plate (Plate) Machine is independently developed and designed according to market needs. It has automatic pneumatic paper sucking paper feeding, heating forming, and can directly support the assembly line produce. It is an ideal equipment for producing special-shaped paper plates (disks) of various shapes. Compared with the traditional automatic paper plate machine, the ML600Y-S special-shaped paper plate (tray) machine recombines the principle of combining hydraulic and mechanical, with higher production speed, more stable performance, safer operation, More convenient maintenance and more user-friendly structure design and other advantages. ML600Y-S special-shaped full-automatic high-speed paper plate machine adopts a fast hydraulic system with a relatively large pressure of up to 5T. Compared with ordinary cylinders, it has the advantages of faster, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. ML600Y-S special-shaped high-speed automatic paper plate (plate) machine*** is used to produce plates (plates) made of paper or aluminum foil. By changing molds, round or square dishes and plates of different specifications and shapes can be produced.

TINAYRD co supplys variety of paper dish forming machines, including semi-automatic type, low speed type, medium speed and high speed types.

The advantages of ML600Y-S compared with the same product: 1. Independent research and development, the best product 2. Using fast hydraulic system 3. Paper feeding adopts mechanical work, stable performance. Compared with ordinary paper drop technology, the scrap rate** is reduced to two ten thousandths. 4. It is more user-friendly, and can be equipped with high-efficiency reel counting machine, automatic reel counting and stacking functions, which can save half of the labor compared with ordinary machines. 5. It can be directly equipped with packaging machine (outer packaging film of paper tray) and labeling machine (labeling after packaging). Suitable for pipeline operation. 6. It can produce all kinds of non-standard products automatically, with a high yield rate, which solves the problem that ordinary machines can't complete. 7. The hydraulic oil is recycled to reduce emission pollution and low noise. Main technical parameters: Paper plate specifications: 4--12 inches (various special-shaped paper plates) (changeable molds); Paper materials: 100---1000 g/m² (base paper, white paper, white cardboard, aluminum foil) Or other); Production speed: 60-100 pcs/min. Power requirement: 380V 50Hz; Total power: 8 KW; Machine weight: 1200 KG; Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height) 3800 x 1200x 1900 mm; Matching air source Requirements: working pressure 0.4MPa, working air volume 0.3m3/min; Other remarks: We can customize and produce various specifications of paper plate machinery according to customer requirements. The main technical parameters of the oil cylinder: ML-63-125-5T-X Flow rate: 0.3 m3/min Oil pressure: 0.3-0.6 Mpa Cylinder stroke: 125 mm The ML400 automatic medium-speed paper disc machine adopts a high-efficiency pressurized cylinder, which is relatively large The pressure can reach 5T. Compared with the hydraulic cylinder, it has the advantages of faster and more environmentally friendly.