Features of multi-layer Aluminium bubble film

multi-layers Aluminium bubble film is a new  type of environmentally friendly thermal insulation material used in  foreign countries for thermal insulation such as house construction and  air-conditioning engineering. The material is  soft, light and easy to install. It is made of aluminum foil (or  aluminized film) and polyethylene. It is processed by special machinery  and is tasteless and non-toxic. It not only solves  the discomfort and environmental damage caused by the glass fiber and  foaming materials in the past, but also blocks the ultraviolet rays  entering the room through the iron sheet, concrete, wood and ordinary  heat insulating materials. . Through  the combination of reflective, thermal properties and polyethylene  materials of aluminum foil (or aluminized film), it not only has good  insulation, heat reflection, heat insulation, anti-radiation function,  but also through the characteristics of the material in building  construction applications. The upper (roof, wall, floor) can play a good role in moisture, heat preservation and energy saving. The unique inflatable shape of the bubble can cushion the impact strength, shock absorption and impact resistance. This  product can also be added with a layer of PE woven fabric on the basis  of the original aluminum foil and polyethylene, so as to greatly enhance  the tensile and tear strength without changing the performance of the  original product.

Summer heat: The  insulation is caused by the outdoor, which brings a cool and  comfortable working environment to the room; it also greatly reduces the  electricity consumption of the air-conditioning and reduces the  expensive electricity costs.

Insulation in  winter: Prevent the indoor temperature from leaking out, and do not need  (or not take long) to use the electric heater to achieve the effect of  keeping warm.