Daily maintenance method of bubble film machine

Daily maintenance method of bubble film machine:

   1. Check the power supply, vacuum system, air pressure system, and cooling system before each startup. After the equipment is started, check whether the rotation direction of each rotating part is correct. Pay attention to check the lubrication of each lubrication part. Normal maintenance and maintenance.

   2. Special personnel should be assigned to operate the equipment, and the extruder screw is not allowed to run idly without material to avoid scratches on the screw and barrel. After shutdown, if there is material in the barrel, before restarting, the temperature of each temperature zone must be raised to the specified requirements according to the process requirements, and the temperature can be turned on for more than 30 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to turn on before the temperature reaches the requirements. So as not to damage the machine parts.

   3. When feeding the hopper, it must be clean and prevent metal debris, sand, gravel and small tools from entering the inlet to prevent damage to the barrel and screw. If abnormal noise is found during operation, it should be stopped immediately for treatment.