Bubble film is widely used in various industries

Bubble film is widely used in various industries

Nowadays, with the prevalence of online shopping, most people have become more and more accustomed to shopping online. Of course, some of the purchased items also have items that need to be moisture-proof and pressure-proof. So how should these items be packed for transportation?

This requires bubble film, which perfectly solves this problem for people.

The bubble film is also called the bubble cushion or the air drop film because of its shape. It was invented by the Americans. It is produced by the bubble film machine through the processing of plastic raw materials.

Its manufacturing raw material is high-pressure polyethylene, supplemented with auxiliary materials, and formed into a bubble-like air cushion with the middle layer filled with air under high temperature environment.

It is precisely because of this manufacturing process that the bubble film material has the advantages of light texture, shock absorption, compression resistance, and elastic cushioning.

Based on the above advantages, bubble film is widely used in modern packaging industry.

According to different occasions and products, people have designed and manufactured bubble packaging bags, bubble envelope bags, thermal insulation cores and other forms to meet the requirements of compressive, seismic, heat-resistant and thermal insulation for the preservation and transportation of goods in daily life.

In addition, the convex air bubbles of the bubble film are also regarded as a way to reduce pressure. Whenever the bubble is pinched, the nervousness and anxiety will be slightly released.